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Check Six: September 1997 Kūkā‘ilimoku

September 3, 2018

Twenty one years ago….

The September 1997 issue of the Kūkā‘ilimoku included articles about:

+ The 154th Wing’s success in the Combat Employment Readiness Exercise (CERI)

+ The Wing commander’s comments about the CERI and recognition of the Outstanding Performers and Teams. (Many familiar names)

+ Uniform updates as the Air Force transitioned back to stripes after a short period with aircrew names tags on BDUs.

+ News about the Chapter 18 activities.

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This issue of the Kūkā‘ilimoku came from a 2001 report filed by the 154th Wing historian, TSgt Theodore Merrill. The entire report is on file with the Air Force Historical Research Center, Maxwell AFB, Alabama. It is truly unfortunate that a few years later, the Air Force chose to eliminate historian billets at the wing level.

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