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What to know about cancer survival, incidence, and death rates

August 10, 2021

From the Medical News Today website

Medical research has focused for many years on cancer as globally, it is a leading cause of death. The incidence rates for different types of cancer vary by country and can depend on a population’s lifestyle choices, obesity rates, sun exposure, and other factors.

In the United States, the National Cancer Institute estimates that doctors will have diagnosed 1,806,590 new cancer cases in 2020, and that there will be 606,520 cancer deaths.

Many different types of cancers can occur anywhere in the body. Common forms of this disease include lung, breast, and prostate cancer. Experts link certain factors to developing cancer, such as genetics or exposure to certain substances like cigarette smoke, alcohol, or chemicals.

This article looks at cancer survival, incidence, and death rates, compares the countries with the highest and lowest cancer rates, and evaluates possible reasons for these figures.

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