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How A Spouse’s Physical Disability Impacts A Relationship

January 15, 2022

From the nextavenue website

An injury to one partner has many ramifications for the couple. The key to working through the challenges is communication.

Despite his precarious balance, Linda’s husband refuses to use his walker or even the non-skid rugs in the bathroom. Instead, he pushes his feet on a towel along the wet tiles. Her 87-year-old husband of 50 years insists he’s fine even though in the past, she says, he has confessed, “‘I can’t acknowledge this is where I am in my life’.”

Linda, a 74-year old mental-health clinician in the Washington, D.C., metro area knows she’s being “bitchy.” She says: “I’m past the stage of ‘I know this is hard.’ Now it’s: ‘You fall and you’re dead!'”

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