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Check Six – 1962: 154th Fighter Group compound

March 7, 2022
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph- click to enlarge

This undated photograph shows the then-154th Fighter Group compound. It was probably taken shortly after the facility became operational.

The U.S. Army District Engineers awarded a contract to McKee and Nordic Contractors to build a $2 million fighter facility at Fort Kamehameha. The groundbreaking ceremony was on May 4, 1960. Construction was to take over a year. 

The new hangar complex construction was completed November 6, 1961, and the access taxiway to Honolulu International Airport 11 days later. The group began the move from Hickam’s Area 65, which took several months. The facility dedication occurred on Saturday, February 17, 1962. 

This earlier Retiree News post shows the facility under construction and describes to dedication ceremony.

The Supply warehouse construction would begin later in 1962. This earlier Retiree News post covers the construction.

Other comments:

The parking plan for the F-102 Delta Daggers was one of several over the years.

The old AGE and motor pool facilities were not yet built.

The photograph show the Group’s C-47 Skytrain on the side of the hanger. The Goony Bird flew until October 24, 1965. It was replaced by a C-54 Skymaster that arrived in December 1965.

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