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Hurricane Preparedness Week: Forecast process

May 29, 2014

Hurricane season begins June 1. Familiarize yourself & your family with severe weather terminology:

– A hurricane warning means *one is expected* in your area. Follow evacuation orders from local officials if given.

– A hurricane watch means *one is possible* in your area. Know your evacuation route & listen to local officials.

– Don’t put you or your family at risk; follow the instructions of local officials – and if told to evacuate, evacuate.

To keep up with your local weather forecast, monitor local media updates or visit

Please note that here in Hawai‘i, we need to stock water and supplies for at least 7-10 days. Most government websites recommend 3 days, and that is a reasonable supply if you live on the continental United States. Hawai‘i is dependent on container ships that take 7 days to get to Hawai‘i from Oakland or Los Angeles.

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