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For the last 14 years, (slow load) has focused on users’ needs and continues to innovate to provide the best experience for the public in need of assistance. As the official U.S. website for government benefits, we will continue to respond to your feedback and to help you on your path to government assistance.

With a fresh, new homepage and a re-designed Compass eNewsletter, launched new technology that helps you find what you are looking for – faster.

‘Discover Popular Benefits’ by Location.  Located on the homepage, this new feature allows you to view a list of the five most popular benefits in your State. If you’re looking on behalf of a family member or client, you can simply type in the State you’re looking for, click ‘Change Location’ and the popular benefits will appear. You can then select each benefit listed to read a brief description, and you can view the ‘Benefit Details’ page by clicking ‘Read More.’

Last reviewed on October 2, 2018