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Check Six – 2010: Friends at a Retirement Ceremony

Retiree News photograph

Retirement ceremonies are an important part of a person’s military career. Many times retirees join currently serving members to honor the newest retiree.

William Petti‘s ceremony was June 25, 2010 at the 154th Wing’s dining facility. Among the attendees were (L-R) Calvin Yoshimoto, Gregory Ng, Allen Mizumoto, and Stanley “Ossum” Osserman.

Cal served many years in the maintenance complex, first in fighters and later became a member of the startup of the 203rd Air Refueling Squadron. His son, Curtis, remains a pilot with the 199th Fighter Squadron.

Greg retired from the Hawai’i Air National Guard in 2006 and his civilian position at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in 2008. He passed away on May 29, 2020.

Allen Mizumoto retired in 1993 after serving as the Commander, Hawaii Air National Guard. He continues to enjoy his retirement.

Ossum’s retirement ceremony was on July 13, 2014 at the new F-22 Raptor hanger. He worked for the State of Hawaii on the hydrogen power project and retired two years ago.

Hawaii National Guard Unit Emblems: 199th Fighter Squadron

Blazon: On an Air Force golden yellow Hawaiian shield, oval and pointed at the extremities, and bordered black, a stylized Hawaiian idol black, eyes, nose, mouth and markings voided of the field, malo red, above four shock waves radiating from middle base point upward flanking the idol, two on either side, red and black.

Significance: The Hawaiian shield, representing defense, bears a stylized Hawaiian idol as the combat symbol of this squadron. The emblem carries on the historical tradition and spirit of the former emblem as it retains a similar color scheme as well as Hawaiian idol design. The red and black shock waves adapt the design to modern concepts. The red, black, and yellow colors were traditionally used for the feather capes and helmets which the Hawaiian kings and chiefs of old wore in battle.

The emblem was designed by Capt Kurt E. Johnson, and updated the earlier 199th Fighter Squadron (SE) emblem approved 11 October 1951. Approved 18 September 1961.

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Check Six: June 1981 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the June 1981 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* 154th Composite Group members back from Cope Thunder and Combat Sage

* Clinton “Church” Churchill becomes Gaspro president

* CAM Sq News & Views

* Sports News

Review the entire the June 1981 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

Retiree News Header Photographs

The home page header image on the Retiree News website features Hawai‘i National Guard photographs. Each time you log on, a different photograph appears. On some computers, if you click on the photograph, another one will appear. The system has a limit of 25 images.

A quick description of these photographs:

* F-22 Raptors on the Marine Corps Base, Hawai‘i ramp

* KC-135R Stratotankers taxiing at Hickam AFB, Hawai‘i

* KC-135R Stratotanker takeoff from Hickam AFB, Hawai‘i

* Artillery from the 1st Battalion, 487th Field Artillery Regiment at Governor David Ige’s second inauguration ceremony at the State Capitol

* 29th Brigade Combat Team in formation at their Kapōlei facility

* Hickam Field main gate, shortly after the base opening in 1935

* Hawai‘i Army National Guard aviation facility at Wheeler Air Airfield

* Hawai‘i Army National Guard at Kapiolani Park

* 154th Composite Group formation, ‘Ewa side of the fighter hanger

* Hawai‘i National Guard facilities at Kokohead Air Station

* F-4C Phantom in flight over Oahu

* Colonel Francis A. I. “Miki” Bowers Armory in Wahiawā

* C-17 Globemaster III on takeoff from Hickam AFB, Hawai‘i

* F-86 Sabre and T-33s in formation

* F-22 Raptor takeoff from Hickam AFB, Hawai‘i

* 29th Infantry Brigade headquarters on 22nd Avenue

* F-47 Thunderbolts parked at Hickam AFB, Hawai‘i

* F-4C Phantom in flight

* F-47 Thunderbolts leaving for mission

* F-102A Delta Dagger at Dillingham Field, Hawai‘i

* F-47 Thunderbolts at a awards ceremony

* HIANG Alert facility shortly after its opening in 1961.

* F-4C Phantoms on the MCAS Kaneohe flightline

* F-102A Delta Daggers on flightline in the early 1960s

* Governor Linda Lingle Retirement Honors Ceremony at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam

Check Six – 2007: Christmas Tree Trimming

Retiree News photograph – click to enlarge

One of the traditions at the Department of Defense headquarters is the annual Christmas tree trimming. Everyone brings a ornament to trim the Christmas tree in the second floor hallway. Some make their own ornaments while others bring one or more from their homes.

Following the trimming, there is some sharing of food and drink. What started years ago as punch and cookies evolved to a breakfast and coffee, with a lot of desserts.

The photograph above is from December 4, 2007, taken in the HQ, Hawaii Air National Guard kitchen area. In the photograph are (L-R) are Olivia Yee, Carolyn Taketa, Blossom Logan and Mabel Requilman. They are getting the donated food ready for the buffet table.

It was always a good time!

Check Six – 1961: Transitioning to the Deuce

On July 19, 1960, the National Guard Bureau officially announced the 154th Fighter Interceptor Group (154 FIG) was converting to Convair F-102A Delta Daggers. The first Deuces arrived in Hawaii by ship on December 5, 1960. 

A contractor, Land Air Inc., handled de-cocooning and processing of the aircraft. They began delivery of ready birds to the Group commencing in January 1961. The first acceptance flight was a TF-102 on January 21, 1961. Colonel Jack D. Blanchard (Air Force Senior Advisor) was the pilot, and Brig Gen Valentine A. Siefermann was in the other seat. 

By March 1961, the 154 FIG received fifty percent of the assigned Deuces. This triggered off the 120 day period to become Operationally Ready in the new aircraft.

In May 1961, the F-102As replaced the North American F-86L Sabre Interceptors on status at the Alert Facility. The phased-out Sabre Interceptors went to Hickam AFB for salvage.

The following video shows the ceremony when the Deuces went on status at the alert facility. The 1352nd Photo Squadron, Det No. 3 filmed the event. The video is in the National Archives.

Check Six: June 1989 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the June 1989 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* 154th Composite Group back from Combat Sage at Clark AB

* Sentry Tigre in full swing

* Check Six – 199th Fighter Squadron

* Hawaii National Guard Enlisted Association news

* CAMS News & Views

* 154th Civil Engineering Squadron news

* Born to Run

Review the entire the June 1989 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

U.S. News & World Report Reveals Best and Worst Diets of 2022

From the Medical News Today website

It’s the beginning of January, aka diet season, and the rankings are in: U.S. News & World Report just released its top diets for 2022. The winner? (Drumroll, please.) Out of 40 dietsthe Mediterranean diet is No. 1 for the fourth year in a row. Meanwhile, other popular diets, including the ketogenic diet (“keto”), modified keto, and the Dukan diet, landed toward the bottom of the Best Diets Overall list, at Nos. 37 (a tie), and 39, respectively.

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Check Six – 1958: Alert Facility Dedication

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Nine pilots were put through a concentrated training program and became qualified as Alert Ready. The 199th Fighter Squadron went on 24 hour active air defense alert at 0001 October 23, 1958. The dedication of a new double-hangar and crew shelter was held the day before. Five-minute active air defense Alert, on a 24 hour basis, has continued ever since.

As seen in the photograph above, the nine 199th Fighter Squadron pilots were (L-R) James “Spike” Dykes, Charles “Chuck” Johnston, Donald Giddings, Harold “Big Daddy” Nagai, Paul “Aimoku” Duvauchelle, Padraic “Paddy” Evans, (either Donald Walker or Jon Parrish), Marlin Little, and Kurt Johnston.

These pilots were the heart of the squadron and more continued into the Convair F-102A Delta Dagger era.

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Check Six – 2011: Joseph Kaaikaula Retires

Retiree News photograph

The Hawai‘i State Department of Defense once held their Awards and Retirement luncheons twice a year. These luncheons recognized retiring Federal and state employees. Current employees who achieved 10, 20, 30 or more years of longevity received service awards. Luncheons were held at the Hale Koa Hotel.

This photograph shows Glenda Buis, Joseph Kaaikaula and Keith Lee at the September 9, 2011 luncheon. Glenda was part of the support team at the 154th Mission Support Group and later at the 154th Wing. Joe was the superintendent at the 154th Civil Engineering Squadron for many years. Keith served in various positions in the 154th Maintenance Group over his years of service.

Check Six: June 1997 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as a monthly newsletter today. 

Today we feature the June 1997 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* 154th Wing participates in Top Dollar Exercise 97

* 1st Annual 154th Wing Goodwill Fishing tournament

* Promotions: including Malcom Chun

* Quality News

* Old photos. to be given away

* CINCPAC looking for Guardmembers for active duty tours

Review the entire the June 1997 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

‘Boomers, Moose, Enlisted Jesus’ and more Air Force lingo for the rest of us

From the Task and Purpose website

US Air Force photograph

For civilians like myself, listening to service members can sometimes sound like hearing a different language. I’m not alone though: even members of different branches, jobs, or units sometimes have trouble understanding each other through all the different acronyms, initials, and buzzwords for everything from a tank to a toilet. That’s why last month, Task & Purpose published a guide to Air Force lingo for the rest of us, but unfortunately, I left a few useful terms out that deserved a mention. In the purple spirit of joint operations, below is part two on how to speak ‘Air Force’ for dummies. We’re coming for you Duolingo!

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Off Track: Last Chance for Dean’s Drive Inn’s ‘Ahi Cakes, Teri Beef and Fish Specials

Robbie Dingeman photograph from this Frolic Hawaii article

From the Frolic Hawaii website

Dean Mishima admits he’s feeling bittersweet as he prepares to serve his last drive-in meals on July 10: “That’s my passion. I love to cook, talk to people, take care of the community.”

Mishima has been elevating the Windward O‘ahu plate lunch scene since the summer of 2006, when he opened a 24-seat mom-and-pop place in Kāne‘ohe. He fixed each plate to order, earning a reputation for Island comfort food with a chef’s flair—complete with a swirl of vegetable garnish—even after a move down the road to a place four times larger. This cook-and-talk story combo gained him devoted diners from across the country eager to dig into local-style specialties of ‘ahi cakes ($18.50), tender broiled teri beef steak ($21.95), and an ever-changing array of umami-rich soups, fresh fish and dessert specials. People still trek across the island to pick up those ‘ahi cakes—lightly cooked patties filled with chunks of fresh ‘ahi.

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Check Six – 2015: Darryll Wong Retirement Party

Retiree News photograph

The State Department of Defense hosted a retirement party for Darryll Wong. Darryll served as the Adjutant General during Governor Neil Abercrombie’s tenure. The part was held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village with several hundred guests.

Among these guests were (L-R) were Michael “Inch” Compton, Dr. Richard and Lynn Ando, and Courtney Vares-Lum.