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Check Six: July 2021 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. This edition includes the winners of the 2020 Launa’ole Awards, agile combat movements with partners in Japan, Exercise H2O, the 154th Logistic Readiness Squadron’s involvement in Operation Capitol Response and more.  

Review the entire January issue here: July 2021 issue of the Kūkā‘ilimoku

The 154th Wing Public Affairs Office staff continues to produce a world-class publication. The staff includes:

2Lt Deborah Kwon, Public Affairs Officer
MSgt Misti Bicoy
TSgt Tabitha Hurst

SSgt Orlando Corpuz
SSgt John Linzmeier
SrA Robert Cabuco
A1C Roann Gardula

154th Wing Public Affairs Office
360 Mamala Bay Drive
JBPHH, Hawaii 96853
Phone: (808) 789-0419

Russia Officially Unveils New Checkmate Fighter, But Performance Claims are Ambitious

From the Air Force Magazine website

The new Russian ‘Checkmate’ fighter jet unveiled at MAKS-2021 air show in Zhukovsky, outside Moscow on July 21, 2021. Image from RT video

Russia officially unveiled its new Checkmate fighter at the MAKS airshow July 20, offering a series of ambitious performance claims about the jet, which it is clearly promoting as a low-cost, single-engined alternative to the F-35 in the world market. Company officials said an unmanned version may become available.

United Aircraft Corp.—parent company for all of Russia’s aircraft makers, including Sukhoi, Ilyushin, MiG, and Tupolev—says the Checkmate will fly in 2023, will be in series production in 2026, and will be offered for export at the bargain basement price of $25-$30 million per copy. That’s well below the price of the F-35, which is running at just under $80 million a copy for the conventional-takeoff F-35A model, after some 665 examples have been produced. A company press release said the Checkmate was developed “in record time.”

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Check Six: July 1964 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the July 1964 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* 109th Aircraft Control & Warning Sqaudron closes Kahaku radar site

* CWO Donald Beman transfers to the 154th Combat Support Squadron

* Promotions: including Jon Parish, Norman Ault

Review the entire July 1964 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

Cinnamon: What you should know before you try it

From the WebMD website

Photograph from this article

What is it: Cinnamon, from the bark of the cinnamon tree, has long been used as both a spice and a traditional medicine. As a supplement, you’ll find it in capsules, teas, and extracts. So far, doctors don’t recommend it for any health issues. Although research suggests interesting possibilities, there’s more work to be done.

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SASC Completes NDAA Markup With $25 Billion Extra, New Name for Air National Guard

From the Air Force Magazine website

The Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) has voted to approve its markup of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal 2022, increasing the top line of President Joe Biden’s defense budget by $25 billion while seemingly nixing the possibility of a separate Space National Guard. 

The markup was approved 23-3 on July 22 and a summary released July 23, detailing roughly $740 billion in spending for the Defense Department. The Biden administration had requested $715 billion for the department in late May. Included in both versions of the budget is a 2.7 percent pay raise for troops.

Included in the markup, which will now advance to the full Senate, is a name change for the Air National Guard, making it the Air and Space National Guard. Such a move would likely mean there would be no separate Space Guard established. 

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Check Six 1976-1987: F-4 Memories

From the Skies-of-Glory Twitter feed

Clcik to enlarge

For all the Phantom crews and maintainers over the years.

U.S. Government Ramps Up Fight Against Malware

From the Paubox website

The war on ransomware continues to escalate.

The year 2020 was historic for the global COVID-19 pandemic. Last year was also the worst year ever when it came to malicious software attacks on companies, governments, and organizations, including the SolarWinds hack, which recent HIPAA Critical podcast guest Greg Reber called “the biggest information breach that we’ve ever seen.”

The year 2021, it seems, is on track to be even worse.

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Ryan Kawailani Ozawa is the co-founder of several businesses dealing with communications and technology. He writes a monthly column on cyber issues in the Honolulu Star Advertiser. His father, Walter Ozawa is a retired Army colonel, who served as an administrator in local and state government.

Check Six: July 1972 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the July 1972 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* Selective Service rules modified

* 154th Fighter Group Open House postponed

* Promotions: including Michael Tice, Wayne Tome, Glenn Sugawara, Moses Timbal

Review the entire July 1972 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

Glasses vs. contacts: What is the better option?

From the Medical News Today website

People with vision problems have many options to help correct their vision and improve eye health. Many people opt for contact lenses or eyeglasses, as they are simple, quick. However, surgical options are also available.

This article compares contact lenses and eyeglasses, the pros and cons of each, and what factors to consider when choosing eyewear.

Check Six – 1970s: Weapons Qualification

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Remember weapons qualifications at the Wheeler AFB firing range? This undated photograph shows Airmen on the firing line.

With the establishment of the U.S. Air Force as a separate service in 1947, Wheeler Army Air Base was re-designated Wheeler Air Force Base under the operational control of Pacific Air Forces (PACAF). The following year, the installation was placed on minimum caretaker status; however, with expansion of the Air Force during the Korean War, Wheeler AFB was restored to fully operational status in 1952.

The 15th Air Base Squadron inactivated at Wheeler on October 31, 1991, one day before the U.S. Army assumed operational control of the installation in accordance with a memorandum of understanding signed by the Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Forces, and the Commander, US Army Western Command.

On 1 November 1, 1991, the Army held a simple ceremony to signify their takeover of the base, then changed the sign at the main gate to Wheeler Army Airfield. The installation, however, remained on the real property records of the 15th Air Base Wing until March 15, 1993 when an Action Memorandum signed by the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Environment, Safety and Occupational Health) and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations and Housing) authorized the exchange of Wheeler AFB for Fort Kamehameha Military Reservation. (Wikipedia)

Your Guide to Retirement Planning

From the U.S. News & World Report website

Getting ready for retirement requires consistent saving, prudent investing and successfully avoiding penalties and fees. You can build a nest egg faster if you take advantage of workplace retirement benefits and make optimum use of government programs, including Social Security and Medicare. 

Here’s how to make a basic financial plan for retirement:

Check Six: July 1980 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the July 1980 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* 154th Composite Group deployment a huge success

* SMSgt Cornwall Matsuoka designs the PMEC emblem

* News Notes by Doc Casey

* Sports News

* CAM Sq. News and Views: lots of familiar names

Review the entire the July 1980 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

5 Key Questions to Ask Your Doctor

From the nextavenue website

As U.S. health care completes its transformation toward a more efficient and effective future in the years ahead, Americans will need to protect themselves and their families from those aspects of physician culture that lead to poorer outcomes and higher costs.

Here are five questions that will help protect you and your family from the negative aspects of physician culture while helping to accelerate the transformation of medical practice:

Check Six – 2014: K. Mark Takai

Hawaii Army National Guard photograph

In this photograph (L-R) are Tulsi GabbardKeith TamashiroArthur “Joe” Logan, and Mark Takai. It was taken on February 7, 2014 at the Change of Command ceremony when Keith Tamashiro took command of the 29th Infantry Brigade Combat Team from Bruce Oliveira

Kyle Mark Takai served in the United States House of Representatives, representing Hawaii’s 1st congressional district, from 2015 to 2016. He passed on July 20, 2016 from pancreatic cancer at age 49. 

Prior to his election to the United States House of Representatives, he represented District 33 (Aiea) in the Hawaii House of Representatives from 1994 to 2014. For 10 years, he was the Chair of the Veterans, Military & International Affairs & Culture and the Arts Committee.