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Check Six – 1969: Community Service Project

Taken from the HANG 25 Booklet, the History of the Hawaii Air National Guard, November 4, 1946 to November 3, 1971

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Lt Col Harold T. (“Slim”) Mattos donned a Santa Claus suit December 29, 1969 when he presented 202 steel drums, painted for trash cans, to the Honolulu City & County Department of Parks and Recreation. These steel drums had been cleaned and painted by the CAMRON NCOs for their community’s use. Have fun! Keep it clean!

Harold Mattos served as the commander of the 154th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron from the mid-1960s into the early 1970s.

Off Track: The 15 Best Holiday Movies to Stream This Season

From the Wired Magazine website

A lot has changed in the last two years when it comes to holiday traditions. Yet one thing hasn’t: gathering around the TV to watch new and classic movies with family and friends. The problem, if it can be called a problem, is that with each new streaming service comes a shift in which streamers offer what films. We’re here to help—and give you a quick and handy guide to a few holiday gems you may never have seen before. Below are 15 titles sure to get even the grinchiest of revelers into the holiday spirit.

And these 15 movies are:

DOD Announces Force Posture Changes in the Indo-Pacific and Europe

From the Air Force Magazine website

Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. John Linzmeier

The Pentagon completed its Global Posture Review (GPR), which it said will include a framework for “coherent” force posture decisions, including key movements in the Indo-Pacific region and Europe. 

In a November 29 press briefing, Mara Karlin, who is performing the duties of deputy undersecretary of defense for policy, said the Indo-Pacific will be the Defense Department’s priority theater with more rotations, investments, and exercises, while the U.S. will enhance its “combat credible deterrent” to Russia in Europe.

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Cardiovascular disease: Is more exercise better?

From the Medical News Today website

Cardiovascular disease, or all disorders that impact the heart or blood vessels, is highly prevalent and serious. Experts estimate that almost halfTrusted Source of all American adults have some form of cardiovascular disease.

A recent study that appears in PLOS Medicine found that individuals with cardiovascular disease can reap high benefits from physical activity.

However, among healthy individuals, there comes the point where increasing the level of physical exercise does not provide additional health benefits.

But researchers in this study found that the benefits of physical activity did not reach a similar plateau among participants with cardiovascular disease.

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BOSS Training

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Like a BOSS

The KC-135 Boom Operator Simulator System, also known as BOSS, provides in-flight refueling specialists with qualification training and certifications. The BOSS is a full-motion environment, enabling realistic refuel training and procedure practice. It is an innovative training device that replicates a real KC-135 boom pod, with a screen recreating a practical window to the mission environment.

“The BOSS has allowed me to be proficient in the aircraft, especially when it comes to checklist discipline,” says Staff Sgt. James Kahalelehua, an in-flight refueling specialist with the 203rd Air Refueling Squadron.

Check Six – 2004: 154th Mission Support Group Party

Retiree News photograph

This photograph shows members to the 154th Support Group during a party during the June 2004 UTA weekend. They were watching some of the unit games during the party.

The 154th Mission Support Group hosted a going-away party for the commander, then Col Edwin “Skip” Vincent. Skip was moving to a position at then-U.S. Pacific Command, where he was later promoted to brigadier general.

Does Medicare cover Life Alert?

From the Medical News Today website

Some Medicare Advantage plans may cover personal emergency response systems (PERS). However, original Medicare does not cover them.

This article discusses Medicare coverage and how Life Alert works. It also looks at the costs involved for those whose insurance plan does not cover the service.

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Can you retrain your brain?

From the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website

Have you ever forgotten why you went into another room or misplaced items you could swear you just had? Or maybe you didn’t know how to start a project or how to complete it.

Everyone has these kinds of glitches once in a while, but problems with cognition (the term for thinking, learning and remembering) can be worse for Veterans living with schizophreniaschizoaffective disorderbipolar disorder or another serious mental illness (SMI).

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Check Six: December 2010 Kūkā‘ilimoku

Kukailimoku masthead

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawai’i Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as a monthly newsletter today. 

Today we feature the December 2010 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* 154th Wing Family Day

* Promotions: including Nolan Zoller, Aja Cornella

* New unit commanders

* HIANG History

Review the entire November 2010 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

Body spray recall: What the finding of a cancer-causing chemical means for you

From the CNN website

Business Wire photograph from this article

Benzene, a known cancer-causing chemical, was found in over half of 108 batches of antiperspirant and deodorant body sprays from 30 different brands, according to a citizen’s petition filed this month with the US Food and Drug Administration.

Benzene should not be used in the manufacture of drug substances or products because it is a class one solvent with “unacceptable toxicity,” according to the FDA.

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OMAD Diet: Is Eating One Meal a Day Safe and Effective for Weight Loss?

From the Everyday Health website

If you’re on the search for a diet to help you meet your health goals, it’s likely that someone you know — a cousin, a friend, or a neighbor — has told you that they do intermittent fasting (IF).

There are many ways to do IF, but the general idea is that you’ll set strict periods of time in which you don’t eat, and eat as you normally would while not fasting. You might choose to do alternate-day fasting and eat every other day. You might choose an “eating window” each day, and fast outside of that window. You might fast for two days a week and eat normally for the other five, in an approach called “5:2 fasting.”

Now there’s a new type of fasting gaining steam: the OMAD, or “one meal a day,” diet. Simply put, the idea of the OMAD diet is you consume all of your daily calories and nutrients during one meal each day. It may sound straightforward enough, but registered dietitian nutritionists have some concerns about the approach.

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Check Six – Early 1960s: Deuce Two Ship

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

This undated photograph show two F-102 Delta Daggers in a formation banking right. This was early in the conversion period because the aircraft vertical stabilizers do not even have the old round ANG logos.

Average Age of USAF Aircraft Drops Slightly, But Eight Fleets Now Exceed 50 Years Old

From the Air Force Magazine website

U.S. Air Force photograph via National Archives

Purchases of new F-35 fighters, KC-46 tankers, and C-130 transports in recent years have made only a small dent in the age of the Air Force’s fleet, down to 29.1 years across all types after hitting 30.55 years in 2020. But the service operates eight fleets exceeding an average of 50 years, and one—the KC-135—now exceeds 60.

According to data supplied to Air Force Magazine, the AT-38/T-38 trainers, the B-52 bomber, and aircraft based on the C-135 series—the KC-135, NC-135, RC-135, TC-135, and WC-135—are all in their mid-to-late 50s, with the KC-135 ringing in at 60.35 years of age. The B-52 is not far behind the Stratotanker, with an average age of 59.8 years. The data were current as of Sep. 30, the end of fiscal 2021.

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