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Off Track:Here's Your Top 5 poke shops

From the Frolic Hawaii website

Inamona, rock salt, limu seaweed. This OG mix of seasonings has flavored cuts of raw fish in Hawaii for centuries. It’s still a popular choice and will never go out of style.

But through the years, our local poke shops have ushered in new flavors that appeal to virtually all tastebuds — from Thai chili spicy to ume-shiso tart coating everything from ahi and tako to beets and tofu. 

We asked you to vote for your favorite poke shop. The results were pretty surprising no matter which way we sliced it, with a good number of write-in votes. More than 50 shops and stores from Pokai Bay to Sandy Beach got your votes.

Here’s Your Top 5.

ATM Hacking Has Gotten So Easy, the Malware's a Game

From the Wired Magazine website

As long as there are ATMs, hackers will be there to drain them of money. Although ATM-targeted “jackpotting” malware—which forces machines to spit out cash—has been on the rise for several years, a recent variation of the scheme takes that concept literally, turning the machine’s interface into something like a slot machine. One that pays out every time.

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Seventy-five years later, the Netherlands honors the ‘Black Liberators’ who helped end the Nazi occupation

From the Military Times website

Dr. James W. Baldwin, a corporal who served in the 784th Tank Battalion, receives a certificate from Air Commodore Paul Herber and Deputy Chief of Mission Heleen Bakker at the Dutch Embassy on Feb. 6, 2020. (Courtesy of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands/Jeffrey Allanach – off the article)

On December 25, 1944 – Christmas Day – Cpl. James Baldwin and the 784th Tank Battalion landed in Soissons, France, to fight in the Allied liberation of Nazi-occupied Europe.

The 19-year-old Baldwin, of tiny Wagram, North Carolina, had entered the service two years earlier through the U.S. Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP), which was created “to ensure a continuous flow of technically and professionally trained men” for the war effort. He had qualified for the program by achieving high marks on the Army General Classification Test, but when the program was suspended, Baldwin found himself in the regular army and headed into combat.

Thanks to Carswell “Caz” Ross for submitting this article.

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Check Six: Pan American Seaplanes in Pearl Harbor – 80 years ago

From the Foynes Flying Boat & Maritime Museum

About the Boeing 314 Clipper from Wikipedia

Could your military commissary surcharge disappear?

From the Military Times website

Defense Commissary Agency photograph

Commissary customers would no longer be paying that 5 percent surcharge at the checkout, according to a draft Pentagon proposal.

But that doesn’t mean the extra cost would disappear. Commissary officials would build the extra 5 percent — or some other amount — into the shelf prices, and advocates are questioning how this could affect customers and ultimately, the commissary benefit. The proposal is part of draft legislation being considered to submit to Congress, because the law would have to be changed.

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Thanks to Gordon Lau and several others for forwarding this article to Retiree News

What You Must Know About Hepatitis C

From the Consumer Reports website

The ads seem to be everywhere, urging baby boomers—people born between 1945 and 1965—to get tested for hepatitis C. Why this group in particular?

Here’s why: Though more than 3 million adults in the U.S. are living with this viral liver infection, those born in the years above are five times more likely to have it than others.

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Hickam Raptors at the Singapore Airshow 2020

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

U.S. Air Force photograph

So proud to see our ‘HH’ Raptors being featured in the Pacific’s largest aviation event! This is going to be an exciting week, as they will be flown by members of the F-22 Raptor Demo Team throughout the Singapore Airshow 2020.

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5 RMD Strategies to Help Safeguard Your Retirement, Maximize Your Legacy

From the Kiplinger website

In December, the SECURE Act became law and changed the way required minimum distributions (RMDs) from IRAs and other qualified accounts work. 

Officially called the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act of 2019, the SECURE Act shifted the starting age at which people generally must take RMDs from 70½ to 72 years old. (For those who turned 70½ during or before 2019, the former rule still applies.)

Baby Boomers hold 54% of all U.S. household wealth and account for almost 50% of consumer spending — and yet many were winging it as they moved into retirement. Experts have urged them to get it together regarding financial planning.

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Takeoff and landings

Chief, National Guard Bureau Visits the HIANG

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

General Joseph Lengyel escorted by the 154th Wing Commander, Col Dann Carlson

We were honored to receive a visit from a distinguished guest during this drill weekend, General Joseph Lengyel, Chief of the National Guard Bureau. Lengyel spent time with wing leadership, toured HIANG workspaces and spoke to Airmen from a variety of career fields. Discussions were held to help Airmen better understand career opportunities, paths of professional growth, goal setting and the future of the Air National Guard. 

As the Chief of National Guard Bureau, Lengyel is responsible for ensuring more than 453,000 Army and Air National Guard personnel are accessible, capable and ready to protect the homeland a provide combat-ready resources in times of need.

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Tips to Cut Costs in Retirement

From the U.S. News & World Report website

Retirees with a low cost of living can get by with less savings. If you are willing to reduce your retirement expenses you might be able to retire sooner and live well on a modest retirement income.

Try these strategies to cut your retirement costs without sacrificing your quality of life.

Pentagon Mulls Space National Guard Options

From the Air Force Magazine website

Air Force Magazine photograph

National Guard officials are pushing for the Defense Department and Congress to create a Space National Guard despite some uncertainty within the Pentagon about how to move forward.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense is drawing up multiple options for what the Space Force’s Reserve component might look like, including creating a single-component service with full-time and part-time employees instead of traditional Reserve or National Guard units, or possibly ditching the reserve component altogether, said Maj. Gen. David Baldwin, California’s adjutant general.

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Taps: Wade Reeves

Wade Reeves, 79, of Waikoloa, Hawai‘i, died on December 13, 2019 at home. Born October 8, 1940 in Honolulu. He graduated from St. Louis High School in 1959 and retired from the Hawai‘i Army National Guard after 40+ years. 

Memorial services were held.

Survived by three children: Kelcey (William) Cambra, Kailua, O‘ahu, Jodi Mae (Roger) Kanakaole, Kapolei and Arthur (Nikki) Reeves, Waikoloa; five grandchildren; 4 great-grandchildren; former spouse Rose Mae Reeves; sister-in-law Marietta (Chuki) Reeves; numerous nephews, nieces, cousins and friends. Predeceased by siblings William, Charles and Charla Jane Reeves McGuire. 

2020 HNGA Warrior Golf Classic

Off the Hawaii National Guard Association Facebook page

Tournament prizes

The Hawaii National Guard Association (HNGA) hosted its 2020 HNGA Warrior Golf Classic. The tournament was held at the Pearl Country Club. There were a number of retirees present and the prized were numerous. A great job by the planning committee.

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