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2019 Caregiver Resource Directory

From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website

The Department of Defense has released the 2019 Caregiver Resource Directory (CRD), and it is ready for download! The annual update includes 114 pages of information on resources and programs, including those that assist caregivers of wounded, ill and injured Veterans and service members.

The CRD is an enriched source of information. It covers everything from childcare, education and training, healthcare needs, legal assistance, rest and relaxation, to peer support, mentoring, and so much more. The Directory is essentially a one stop shop for questions and concerns for those who are new to being caregivers.

The resources provided in the CRD have gone through a rigorous review and vetting process so that Veterans, service members and caregivers receive accurate, timely, and pertinent information. The simple guide is available 24/7, and is available in Spanish. The guide uses icons to assist with quickly accessing VA and DoD programs and non-profit organizations. The CRD is also a good source for info on self-care programs and for respite assistance.

To download a digital copy of the CRD or to request a hard copy, please go to:

For information about VA resources, visit VA Caregiver Support

Last reviewed on August 28, 2019