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New travel pay rates mean less money for TDY

October 19, 2014

Trying to reduce costs, the Department of Defense revised the Joint Travel Regulations. Current military members and civilians faced reduced reimbursements for travel costs.

Traveling on temporary duty is not as lucrative as it used to be. Effective October 1, the Pentagon made several revisions to its travel regulations that will mean less money for service members when they go on TDY. It’s part of a broader cutback on government travel in recent years and just the latest in a long string of policy changes that will shave money from Defense Department budget accounts.

Across the board, per diem rates will be slashed for long-term assignments, and troops will have to pay for a few more things with out-of-pocket cash. And your command might start picking up the tab for your duty-related cellphone calls. The details are threaded throughout a new 1,634-page version of the venerable document known as the “Joint Travel Regulations.”

Here’s a short take on the five things you need to know: 

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