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April 14, 2015

Glenda Buis

Glenda Buis, recently retired from the Hawai‘i Air National Guard, started as a State employee at the Headquarters, Hawai‘i Air National Guard. Currently, she is a temporary hire but hopefully she will eventually fill the job permanently. Glenda served as the 154th Wing commander’s secretary for several years.  She previously served as the 154th Mission Support Group commander’s secretary. In that position, she was the secretary to several future generals: Skip Vincent, Stan Osserman, and Ryan Okahara. Good to see a familiar face at the Headquarters!

Lance MizumotoGovernor David Y. Ige has nominated Lance Mizumoto to serve on the Board of Education. Lance is the President and Chief Banking Officer of Central Pacific Bank. He has over 25 years experience with financial institutions in Hawai‘i. Lance served as a personnel officer in the Hawai‘i Air National Guard for several years. He is another second generation Guard member. His father is Allen Mizumoto, a retired brigadier general who served as the Commander, Hawai‘i Air National Guard.

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