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Data Breach Affects Army Guardsmen

July 14, 2015

From the NGAUS Washington Report

(July 14, 2015) Army Guardsmen’s personal information was inadvertently compromised when a contract employee transferred files to a data center that is not accredited by the Defense Department, the National Guard Bureau said last week.

All current and former members of the Army National Guard since 2004 could be affected by the breach. 

Data at risk includes soldiers’ full social security numbers, names, dates of birth and home addresses. NGB says the incident is not related to the Office of Personnel Management’s hack that has been in the news recently.

“The issue was identified and promptly reported, and we do not believe the data will be used unlawfully,” Maj. Earl Brown, a NGB spokesman, said in a July 10 press release.

“This was not a hacking incident, in which the intent was to use data for financial gain. Nonetheless, the Guard believes that individuals potentially affected need to know about the breach and what actions they can take to protect themselves from potential identity theft.”

NGB has created a website and a toll-free call center to help Guardsmen who were impacted. Visit (link is external) for more information, or call the center at 877-276-4729.

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