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Check Six – 1975: C-7 Caribou

November 27, 2015

This post originally appeared as an article in the March 3, 2011 issue of Retiree News e-newsletter.

C-7 Caribou
Hawaii Air National Guard photo

Remember the HIANG C-7 Caribou?  The Hawai‘i Air National Guard has had a support cargo aircraft over the years.  In between the C-54 Skymaster and the first C-130 Hercules, the HIANG flew a C-7 Caribou #60-672.  In the early 1980s, the HIANG received a second C-7.

Sam Wong, the retired Chief Master Sergeant, was involved with the support aircraft program from way back when and provided these comments.

“My information shows that we said goodbye to the C-54 “Spirit of Aloha”, in 1975.  We were supposed to get a T-29 “Convair” but got the C-7A instead.  We flew the C7 until 1984.  I believe the last flight was in June or July of 1984.  If I’m not mistaken, our C-7 was turned back over to the Army for use in Kwajalein.  We received our C-130A in August 1984.”

Many HIANG members (and some HIARNG members) flew the C-7 interisland.  When the weather was bad, some members say that the C-7 could yaw, pitch and roll at the same time.  But overall, it was a reliable aircraft and served the Hawai‘i National Guard well during its time.

Originally built for the Army, the C-7 Caribou was a twin-engine, short takeoff and landing (STOL) transport that saw extensive service in Vietnam.  Ownership transferred from the Army to the Air Force in 1967.

The February 2011 issue of Air Force Magazine’s back page featured the spec sheet of the C-7 Caribou.  Go to:

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