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3 Ways to Boost Your Family’s Online Security This Holiday

November 28, 2016

Visiting relatives over the holidays? Along with strategically avoiding any remotely political conversations, now’s the perfect time to help your loved ones better understand their personal digital security. They need it now more than ever.


It’s a whole lots easier to walk someone through a security hygiene lesson when you’re both in the same room. The simpler the better, and there’s nothing quite as straightforward as an in-person lesson. “You don’t want to add things that might make it more complicated for people to use a technology, but some of it is pretty simple and really adds an extra layer of protection,” says Michael Kaiser, the executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. Here are three quick and easy security upgrades you can do to help relatives stay safe in cyberspace. You’ll be done before it’s time to pass the yams.


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