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Webmaster Comments: A Correction

December 3, 2016

A recent Webmaster Comment post discussed David Howard.

Dave emailed an expanded personal history that corrected some of my errors the original posting.

I appreciated the mention.  You got a bit of it right.

I started my time in the Hawai‘i Air National Guard at the headquarters of the 109th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron on Sand Island, and after basic training and technical school, worked full time at the radar site at Punamano Air Force Station out near Kahuku. 

I was then sent to the 150th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron at Kōke‘e, Kaua‘i, and was one the original cadre there. (I was unable to make the recent  reunion, but did communicate with the organizers). 

I then went back to Kahuku and the 109th, then was commissioned in the 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron at Koko Head, then again to the 109 ACWS which took over the Koko head site after the 169 ACWS moved to Mt Kaala and Wheeler AFB. 

I was not an Air Tech for a few years then during my first years as an officer, and worked at Ka‘ena Point for Lockheed at the satellite tracking station.  I then was re-employed as an officer at the 169 AC&W Squadron at Wheeler/Mt Kaala working for Lt Col Paul Goya, before taking the air tech job at Hickam in the 201st Mobile Comm Squadron, then on to Hilo.

I am certainly proudest of the fact that I was one of the first airmen assigned to the 150 AC&W Squadron, which gave me an opportunity to live and work on Kaua‘i, where I was born.

Thanks for the correct bio and a wider view of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard air defense system.

Need get more information from Dave about these units and locations for future posts.


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