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3 Ways Scammers Find You

January 26, 2017

scamsCon artists, scammers, predatory companies – whatever you call them – they’re out there, and they would be happy to make you their next “customer,” if they can find you.

Eric Friedman, director of the Office of Consumer Protection in Rockville, Maryland, says some of the scams his office has encountered include everything from skimming devices on ATMs and gas pumps that steal credit card and bank information to overly aggressive towing firms. Regarding the latter, he is referring to tow trucks that hide and wait for consumers to unwittingly park in the wrong place before swooping in to tow the vehicle within seconds and charge a hefty fee for consumers to get their car back.

In fact, Maryland’s Montgomery County just passed a law designed to address predatory towing practices.

Still, you are more likely to be conned out of your money in other ways. As Friedman says, “Crooks are clever, but they are also looking for the easiest way to scam consumers.”

And some people are more at risk of being targeted than others. Could you be one of them? Take a moment to review the common scenarios.

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