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Hawaiian Airlines supervisor honored with Department of Defense Patriot Award

February 15, 2018

Photo: Peter Clark, Ann Greenlee and Kristof Sills. Also pictured are the many current and former Hawaii Air National Guard pilots working and flying for Hawaiian Airlines. – click to enlarge photograph

System Chief Pilot for Hawaiian Airlines Peter Clark, was presented with a Patriot Award Dec. 19 in recognition of his continued support provided to Kristof Sills, a Hawaii Air National Guard airman.  The award was presented by Ann Greenlee, ESGR vice-chair and Employer Outreach Director.

Sills stated in his narrative for the award, “I have worked with Peter Clark over the last few years while I was the Commander of the 199th Fighter Squadron and now work for him as an employee of Hawaiian Airlines. Clark is the System Chief Pilot for the company.  He is responsible for the selection, training, management and supervision of all Hawaiian Airlines pilots.  Over the past two years, Clark has reached out to me to professionally discuss personnel issues and the effects of frequent military deployments were having on the company.  After speaking with me, he has always been understanding of our members’ commitments to the Air National Guard and Hawaiian Airlines.  In spite of the sometimes negative effect Guard requirements have on Hawaiian Airlines, I have seen first-hand how open Mr. Clark is toward the hiring of Air National Guardsmen over the past few years. He hasn’t been wary of accepting more employees who are Guardsmen.”

“ESGR is a Department of Defense office in Washington whose primary mission is to encourage cohesive relationships with civilian employers and our Guardsmen & Reservists.  In addition, we provide USERRA briefings to our service members to ensure they know their rights and responsibilities under the law that protects their jobs when they return from a service period.  When we are out talking to them, we also talk about the opportunity to recognize their employers for superior support of their membership in the Guard & Reserve because they can’t do what they need to do without a solid foundation – at home and at work.  Supervisors like Clark respects and supports the employee for his military duty.  His understanding in allowing for flexibility in scheduling work and time off, demonstrates great care for their employee”, stated Greenlee.

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