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Medicare is a maze — here’s where to get help

April 21, 2018

From the CBS News website

With my 65th birthday — and eligibility for Medicare — arriving in a few months, my mailbox is full of solicitations for Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage Plans. If I accepted all the free lunches and dinners I’ve been offered in exchange for attending these Medicare workshops, I’d be 10 pounds heavier.

The fact is, I’m experiencing a range of emotions as I approach this landmark age. How did I get this old? It seems like just yesterday I was entering the workforce and starting a family. On the other hand, hooray: No more high-deductible health plans or worrying about Congress overturning the ban on exclusions for preexisting conditions.

To help readers who are also approaching their 65th birthday, I’m sharing some things I’ve learned in hopes you can also find whatever guidance you’ll need.

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