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Webmaster Comments 18.08.16

August 16, 2018

George Kaneshiro periodically provides feedback to some Retiree News posts. He sent in feedback on these earlier Retiree News posts.

Check Six: Eagle Ice Co. – 30 years ago He identified the “unknown” in the photograph is Russel Miyamoto from the avionics back shop; he worked in ECM shop. Wonder who has that shaved ice machine today?

Check Six: HIANG Recruiting in the late 1950s George wondered if the person identified in the photograph as Richard Fukui could actually be Clifton Kau. He though Richard was a technical sergeant at the time.

This observation parallels other comments Retiree News received, including a reply from David Howard, who lives in Florida.

Check Six: Aircraft Conversion – 58 years ago George identified the F 86L pilot as Rex Hitchcock. He said the F-102A pilot may be Melvin Yen.

George Kaneshiro served in the Hawaii Air National Guard for his entire career. He served as a fulltime technician and retired after 35+ years of service. He continues to work in the travel industry. Mahalo to George for his continuing support of Retiree News.

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