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Off Track: The best Taco Tuesday deals on Oahu

September 16, 2018

From the Frolic Hawaii website

I attribute my love for tacos to the year I spent living and working in San Diego. I ate breakfast tacos on the cheap, discovered how glorious loaded fish tacos could be, and learned that authentic corn tortillas tasted drastically different from what I had known in the past.

Even though it’s been about three years since I’ve moved back to Oahu, those Taco Tuesday cravings hit pretty hard sometimes. So I used my cravings as an excuse to scope out the best deals you can score on any given Tuesday.

Here’s the breakdown by size, comparison with regular prices, meat selections and other deets you need to know. I’ve only included tacos that are four inches or bigger. I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck.

And the recommendations are:

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