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Check Six: YF-15 Acquired by Edwards AFB – 13 years ago

November 30, 2018

From the Edwards AFB Twitter feed

Edwards AFB History Office photograph | click to enlarge

OTD November 30, 2005 at Edwards AFB: The Air Force Flight Test Museum acquired the McDonnell Douglas YF-15A, S/N 71=0287, the eight prototype built.

It was primarily used for high angle of attack testing early in the program and was later used to test the new F100-PW-220 engines for the F-15C. The -220 engine introduced single-crystal turbines airfoils, an advanced multi-zone augmenter, and increased airflow fan and a digital electronic engine control system.

Later in its career, the aircraft has been assigned to NASA’s Neil A. Armstrong Flight Research Center at Edwards where it was used for digital electronic flight and engine control research under the Highly Integrated Digital Electronic Control program. The aircraft was also used to test and evaluate a computerized self-repairing flight control system for the USAF that detected damaged or failed flight control surfaces.

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