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How to stop robocalls, block numbers on your iPhone, Android and even landline

February 23, 2019

From the USA Today website

“Hello! Please don’t hang up… did you know that you could save a bundle on…?

It’s a robocall, another automated telemarketer. Nowadays, robocalls make up 50 percent of all phone calls. In 2018 alone, robocallers spammed us with 26.3 billion calls. And it’s only going to get worse: Robocalls are going to become more constant in coming years.

The moment you hear that electronic voice, everything stops. Your pulse quickens; your blood pressure rises. It doesn’t matter what you were doing before. Maybe you were laughing at a joke. Maybe you were enjoying lunch. Perhaps you were watching your kid’s Little League game.

Here are seven pointers for minimizing, or eradicating those unwanted calls

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