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Your Car’s Key Fob May Have Hidden Features

March 8, 2019

From the Consumer Reports website

Today’s new cars pack in more high-tech electronic features than ever before, and that includes in the key fob. The device has gone far beyond simply locking or unlocking doors, starting a car remotely, or making chirping sounds to help you find your car in a parking lot. Some have so many features built in that owners may not even be aware of them all.

“Manufacturers are tasking key fobs with a multitude of functions that make the car—and the key fob—more useful than ever,” says Jake Fisher, senior director of auto testing at Consumer Reports. “These features can be fantastic if the owner understands the sequence of key-fob button pushes to access them, but they can also be frustrating or even harmful if these features are triggered accidentally.”

Here are a few examples of hidden key-fob features, some of which could be on the device for your car.

Thanks to Gordon Lau for sharing this article with Retiree News.

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