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Must-Have Features to Get in Your Next New Car

March 17, 2019

From the Consumer Reports website

“Top view” cameras | click to enlarge

Today’s car buyers are presented with a dizzying array of jargon and acronyms describing options, packaged features, and dealer-installed accessories to choose from. There is great temptation to grab them all, but the costs quickly add up.

Consumer Reports receives questions all the time from car shoppers asking what they should be looking for in today’s models. Frequently, they have some vague notions about what is available, but they’re not clear on what’s worth the added expense.

To help these new-car shoppers who haven’t checked out the market in some time, CR’s experts have assembled a list of key features they should consider getting, including safety and convenience items. Just as important: We have flagged the items that can be skipped.

Safety-related items are ranked in order of importance by CR’s car-safety experts.

Thanks to Gordon Lau for another article submitted to Retiree News.

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