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Check Six: Christmas in the Islands

December 25, 2019

From the Images of Old Hawaii website

Christmas at Iolani Palace

An early (possibly the first evidence of Western Christmas in the Hawaiian Islands) involves Captain Dixon on the Queen Charlotte at Waimea, Kauai, noting “This being Christmas, that season of the year so universally convivial throughout the civilized world, we spent our time as agreeably, and with plenty of as good chear we could procure, such as roast pig, sea-pie, &c. &c …” “… and to shew our refined taste, even in our liquor, we no longer drank grog mixed with simple water, but offered our Christmas libations in punch, mixed with the juice of the cocoa-nut, toasting our friends and mistresses in bumpers of this liquor, …”

Sailing with Dixon, on the King George, was Captain Portlock, who “found it would be impracticable for us to reach Wymoa before night came on; at this time we were not far from a comfortable house belonging to Abbenooe (at Niihau) …”

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