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Hawaii National Guard Unit Emblems: HQ, Hawaii Air National Guard

March 4, 2020

Headquarters, Hawai‘i Air National Guard

Blazon: Azure, a Hawaiian God proper holding in his dexter hand a ceremonial spear and in his sinister hand a lightning bolt or, on a chief gules fimbriated of the third a dolphin hauriant argent holding his mouth a key fesswise bow to dexter of the third, all within a diminished bordure of the last.

Significance: On an Air Force blue shield bordered Air Force golden yellow to display the Air Force Colors, an image of Old Hawai‘i represents the determined spirit of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard and indicates to all that it is tough, capable, and fiercely ready. He is a symbol of mission accomplishment, of standing alert guard against any air threat of mass violence to Hawai‘i’s land and people. In Old Hawaiian symbolism, mana is from the prime gods, Kane and Ku. In his right hand he holds a spear with three barbs representing the weapon of air defense aircraft. In his left hand, he holds companion capability of lightning, representing radar. The three barbed spear and the lightning are the central theme of the emblem of the Hawaiian Air Defense Division. On the chief a dolphin, king of fishes, bears a golden key to indicate the Hawaiian Islands are the key to the Pacific. The red and golden yellow colors represent the colors of the old royal Hawaiian house.

Motto: HOOKANAKA, Courageous. Hookanaka is spiritually translated as “Maker of Men”, symbolic of the training mission, and “Saver of Men”, symbolic of the air defense mission. The motto was suggested by Reverend Abraham K. Akaka.

The emblem was designed by Captain David F. Wissmar III and approved on July 5, 1962.

David F. Wissmar III served at Hq, HIANG, and at the then-154th Fighter Group, where he was the commander of the then-154th Civil Engineering Flight. After his retirement, he reported relocated to the Pacific Northwest.

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