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Check Six – 1980: Cope North

August 3, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

Retiree News did not know very much about this photograph, so we asked Wayne “Wildman” Wakeman for comments and some ID help. 

This I believe was at Misawa 1980 for Cope North. The Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) flew F-104’s, F-4’s and there was a third type of aircraft.

This was back in the good old days. As you can see, the squadron patch was still being wore on our chest where the MAJCOM patch is now…

In the photograph are

Top row (L-R): Robert “BD” DarrowLeonard “Nick” SporikGregory Gardner, JASDF, Dave NishiokaGarret “Oz” Osborne.

Middle row: Michael MitchellJeffrey NishimuraDaniel “Stoney” StoneJoseph “Primo” AhNewHerman LauLawrence “Cabby” CabrinhaClyde TorigoeJohn “Saigon” Lee.

Front row, Harold “Ninja” FujiiMelvin MatsuiMichael “Boss” TiceWayne “Wildman” Wakeman, JASDF, unknown

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