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How Long Does It Take to Get Into Assisted Living

October 8, 2020

From the U.S. News & World Report website

The United States is getting older. About 1.5 million Americans now live in assisted living facilities and nursing homes, a number that has risen by more than 200 times since the 1960s and doubled in the past two decades, according to The Senior List. And experts predict that the number of seniors in the U.S. is only going to increase.

Finding a place to care for the elderly is not an easy task. There is a lot to consider, and cost is at or near the top of most families’ list of concerns. Because demand is greater than supply of rooms for nursing or assisted living care – especially at the most desirable and best rated facilities – many have waiting lists. Often, those lists require a deposit to hold a place in line.

Here’s what you need to know about assisted living waiting lists.

Good slide show at the end of this article explaining the types of rooms in assisted living

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