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What to know about LASIK and dry eyes

October 30, 2021

From the Medical News Today website

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis surgery, commonly known as LASIK or laser eye surgery, aims to correct vision by permanently reshaping the eye’s cornea using a laser. Although generally safe, not everyone is an ideal candidate for LASIK surgery. Post-surgery, some people may experience dry eye symptoms.

LASIK surgery is a procedure that uses lasers to help correct refractive errors in the eye and improve the eyes’ ability to focus. 

During the LASIK procedure, a special laser reshapes the cornea to allow light to focus into the back of the eye, increasing the eyes’ focusing power and improving vision.

While LASIK can improve vision, it may not suit everyone, including those with dry eye. In some cases, dry eye may also be a complication of LASIK surgery.

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