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Hawaii National Guard Unit Emblems: 199th Fighter Squadron

June 28, 2022

Blazon: On an Air Force golden yellow Hawaiian shield, oval and pointed at the extremities, and bordered black, a stylized Hawaiian idol black, eyes, nose, mouth and markings voided of the field, malo red, above four shock waves radiating from middle base point upward flanking the idol, two on either side, red and black.

Significance: The Hawaiian shield, representing defense, bears a stylized Hawaiian idol as the combat symbol of this squadron. The emblem carries on the historical tradition and spirit of the former emblem as it retains a similar color scheme as well as Hawaiian idol design. The red and black shock waves adapt the design to modern concepts. The red, black, and yellow colors were traditionally used for the feather capes and helmets which the Hawaiian kings and chiefs of old wore in battle.

The emblem was designed by Capt Kurt E. Johnson, and updated the earlier 199th Fighter Squadron (SE) emblem approved 11 October 1951. Approved 18 September 1961.

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