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A Caregiver’s Guide to Planning a Funeral

April 16, 2014

What one husband learned preparing for his wife’s impending death.

“What mortuary are you planning to use?”

Those are the last words a caregiver wants to hear when checking a loved one into hospice care, whether at home or in a specialized facility. The decision to enter hospice care already carries a sense of defeat. It means you generally aren’t going to try to save your loved one, but rather, seek to spare the person as much pain as possible on the impending road toward death.

The mortuary question evokes a hole in the cold, hard ground.

The hospice social worker who asked me that question when my wife recently entered hospice care understood that it blindsided me. I felt dazed and told her that I hadn’t thought that far ahead. She graciously moved down the intake form. But before leaving, she did me a favor by suggesting that I take care of the burial arrangements for Liz — who has frontotemporal dementia — as soon as possible.

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