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Check Six – 1941: Quonset Huts

August 13, 2021

From the Images of Old Hawaii website

Photograph from this Image of Old Hawaii website post

At the start of World War II, the United States Navy needed an all-purpose, lightweight, standardized housing unit that made efficient use of shipping space, could be easily transported anywhere, and could be quickly and easily assembled without skilled labor.

The housing unit needed to be adaptable to any geographic or climatic condition, without extensive reliance on local resources of material or labor.

Two construction companies, George A Fuller and Company and Merritt-Chapman had been hired to build the Quonset Point base. In March 1941, the Military asked Peter Dejongh and Otto Brandenberger of George A. Fuller Company to design and produce a hut to US specification … and, do it within two month

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The article ends with great photographs of Quonset Huts, including several at Pōhakuloa Training Area (PTA), the old Hilo and Kona Airports.

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