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Check Six: Radar Docks

April 25, 2014

When 154th Wing retirees gather, there is always talk about the “old days”. One of the topics that comes up is the radar docks. Unfortunately for the younger members who work in the fighter compound, the radar docks were long renovated in to office and operations workspaces.

Someone emailed in an old photo of the radar docks when they were in use during the “Deuce” era. There were two docks each in two covered shelters perpendicular to the mountain side of the fighter hanger.

The photo below shows two F-102 Delta Daggers in the radar docks.

199th_Fighter_Interceptor_Squadron_F-102s_Hickam_AFB_1976   click on photograph to enlarge

As a reference, the green area in the top right of the photograph is Battery Selfridge.  In the top left of the photograph, the buildings housed the AGE and POL sections.

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