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Off Track: Old School Saimin Shops

July 6, 2014

Honolulu Magazine recently published an article about saimin. The magazine staff visited and provided comments about several remaining saimin shops.

Saimin isn’t just a dish. It’s a Hawai‘i experience. It seems to taste best in a hidden mom-and-pop shop, where a toddler leans over his booth to check out the next table’s soup bowl, and tutu teach their grandchildren how to use their chopsticks properly. The old school saimin shops seem to exist solely for the community, and with each passing generation, it’s like nothing has changed. You’re sitting in the same place it was decades ago. As you sip the hot broth straight from the bowl, it warms your hands, belly and heart.

Unfortunately, many favorite local haunts are disappearing, so we did a round up of our favorite historic saimin shops on Oahu for those seeking a taste of old Hawaii. Read more

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