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Veterans Bring Talent, Leadership to the Workplace

August 11, 2014

This article, written by Lisa Wirthman, was in a recent Northwestern Mutual newsletter. Originally published as part of Northwestern Mutual Voice on

More and more military veterans are re-entering the civilian workforce each year. While there are many benefits to hiring veterans, the smartest businesses understand the one that matters most: talent.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of company you are or what industry you’re in, veterans have the skills that you’re looking for,” said Lisa Rosser, CEO and founder of The Value of a Veteran, a human resources consulting and training firm.

But skills and expertise accrued in the military can get lost in translation as veterans transition to the civilian world. Many recruiters make assumptions about service members’ capabilities based on limited exposure to military activities, according to Rosser, a veteran with 10 years of active duty Army experience. “They see service members blow things up and run things over with tanks on the news,” she said.

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