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Reminder: ID card expiration date changes

October 29, 2014

In 2012, the Department of Defense changed its policy and related software to adjust the way the expiration date is reflected on a military retiree’s identification card.

Before the software upgrade, the front-side of the DD Form 2 (Retired) blue ID card reflected an “Indefinite” expiration date, and a civilian “TRICARE” health care expiration date appeared on the back-side of the ID card reflecting the last day of the month just before the retiree’s 65th birthday.

Currently, when a retired ID card is issued or replaced, instead of reflecting “Indefinite” status, it now shows an expiration date on the front and back that coincides with the last day of the month before the Medicare eligibility month begins.

Another change affects retiree spouses and former spouses who are eligible for a DD Form 1173 (Dependent) tan ID card. Their ID cards will now be modified to extend the expiration date for those spouses and former spouses who are between age 65 and 75 with an incremental expiration date of five years, versus the former four-year issuance. At age 75, their ID card is issued with an “Indefinite” status and will never expire as long as the individual remains eligible.

Currently, any eligible dependent, including un-remarried and unmarried widows, widowers, and former spouses older than age 75 can receive an ID card reflecting the “Indefinite” status.

For more information, call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102.

Taken from the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Afterburner, the e-newsletter for USAF retired personnel

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