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“Lost” Insurance Policies

October 28, 2015

Many times an individual passes away without leaving their financial affairs in order. The spouse, children or family members may have not summary of life insurance coverage. Any life insurance policy payout, large or small, will assist the survivors with funeral and other expenses. Several Retiree News readers mentioned they faced this challenge when a family member passed.

Certified Financial Planner, Reid Matsushima of Northwestern Mutual provided the following information:

In Hawaii, there is no website done by the State Insurance department to locate lost life insurance policies for people to see if family members had coverage they did not know about. However, they did give me the contact info for two potential resources who are lost life insurance finders for a fee.

You can log on The Lost Life Insurance Finder Expert to search for the policy. Paul Archibald, a retired insurance professional, runs the service. He says he’ll fax 420 life insurance companies on your behalf to find the policy. His contact information: email:; website: or call: 804-504-2359. He currently charges $108.50.

Another service, will have information about the policy if your relative registered his or her policy with the service. Registering your policy is free; the fee to search is $19.95.

Another website is If your loved one applied for life insurance in the last 18 years, then MIB Solutions, Inc. has the names of companies to which he/she applied. MIB’s database contains records of insurance inquiries made to virtually every U.S. and Canadian insurer since January 1, 1996. You pay $75 for MIB’s policy locator service to conduct a search.

Only the following can use the service: an executive or administrator of the decedent’s estate or a surviving spouse, a child if there is no spouse or estate representative, or closest living relative if there is no estate representative, spouse or child.

Meanwhile, as you search for any lost policies, this is a small reminder to get your own affairs in order. Talk to your loved ones about your life insurance, and make sure your beneficiaries have the names of the insurers and policy numbers before you die.

Special Thanks to Reid for this information. If you need a Certified Financial Planner, contact him at:

Reid A. Matsushima, CFP ®, CLU ®, ChFC ®
Northwestern Mutual │ Certified Financial Planner
900 Fort Street Mall Suite 500 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
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