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The Awful Annual Idea That Would Rob Military Retirees

December 27, 2016

robberyEvery so often the Congressional Budget Office, a non-partisan federal entity known as the CBO, releases a massive list of ways to decrease the federal deficit. Think of it as the CBO’s dream sheet. They throw out every option they can come up with of, crunch all the numbers and then tell us how much, or little, each one would help to move America into the black.

One option in the CBO’s latest 300-page “I wonder what would happen if…” piece of fan fiction, which was released on December 8, has the military and veteran community more than just a little peeved.

But, before we get to the (awful) idea in question, remember: this is just an idea. In fact, it’s an idea that has been presented annually for many years running, along with a whole pile of equally terrible money-saving ideas (example: “raise the retirement age,” or “cap military pay raises” and “charge more for Tricare for Life.”)

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