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Air Force Magazine: July 2017

June 7, 2017

The July 2017 issue of Air Force Magazine is now available

Highlights include:

Editorial: Silent Leadership—At a Cost By Adam J. Hebert
You may not have heard, but the Air Force is flying three-quarters of the missions against ISIS.

The B-2 Body Blow By Brian W. Everstine
Two bombers, 13 tankers, 85 bombs on target in the sands of Libya.

Rebuilding the Ranks By Amy McCullough
USAF must act now to get an adequate number of airmen in uniform.

ISR Explosion By Wilson Brissett
New missions call for unmanned systems, but the old missions are as important as ever.

Combat Forces Air Force in Peril By John A. Tirpak
Hawk Carlisle, former ACC and PACAF commander, offers a frank look at USAF’s mistakes and opportunities.

Imposing Costs on the Enemy By Jennifer Hlad
Different adversaries value different things. The Air Force can target them all.

Eisenhower and the Eight Warlords By John T. Correll
The Defense Reorganization Act of 1958 took the services out of the loop and empowered the combatant commands.

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