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What to Do If the Laptop Ban Goes Global

June 7, 2017

From the Back Channel website

Computing on the road may be about to get more complicated, expensive, and risky. For this you can thank people who want to blow airplanes out of the sky — and US officials who see genuine danger and/or an opportunity to engage in “just shut up and do as you’re told” security theater.

But when people like Homeland Security head John Kelly sound ready to drastically restrict travelers’ use of electronics in plane cabins — expanding a limited ban that’s already in place — we need to move into planning mode, not just worrying mode.

If you’re among those who travel with a laptop, tablet, or digital camera, get ready for a huge mess.

Webmaster comments: while news reports center on laptops and tablets, digital cameras are in the current ban that could be expanded worldwide. The other impact is you would have to check-in baggage because the electronic equipment would not be in the aircraft cabin areas.

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