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Webmaster Comments: 17.07.06

July 6, 2017

Webmaster Comments logoWhen a retiree passes away, the surviving spouse, or children are often unsure about what they should do regarding the military retiree’s pay and benefits.

One the maroon bar above, there are several topics with dropdown menus. Under “Bereavement” is a post called “When a Retiree Passes”. Retiree News just updated the post, especially the contact information.

Please take some time to review the post so you know what information is available when you really need it.

Additionally, in the “Military Funeral Honors” is a link to the Office of the Secretary Defense website which outlines all the different protocols dealing with military honors. While there are many opinions about what a retiree is entitled to when he/she passes, this is the Department of Defense’s source of the law, policies and procedures.

The “Lost Insurance Polices” post remains current, but will be expanded soon with additional information.

The “Understanding the Responsibilities of an Executor” remains current.

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