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DC dozen: 12 travel tips for the capital

July 6, 2017

From the Military Times website

As the summer travel season continues

No matter how long or well-planned the trip, Washington’s cultural and historical offerings are too vast to cover in a single getaway. As one Facebook commenter noted when we asked readers for their D.C. travel tips, “However long you think you need for your trip, add two days.”

Rather than an exhaustive list of memorials, maps to the museums or guides to guided tours, here are a dozen smaller items to keep in mind whether you’re in town for a day, planning a family vacation or settling in for a Pentagon assignment.

As always, a word about military discounts: Many hotels, attractions and restaurants in D.C. offer them, but always check before you arrive to see if the online price is still in effect, confirm eligibility rules and determine what identification you’ll need to claim the deal. However, unlike other cities, most of the prime tourist attractions are free of charge, so discounts may not be a driver as you plan your stay.

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