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Off Track: President Theodore Roosevelt High School

September 4, 2017

In Hawaii, what high school you graduated from is often among the questions asked when you first meet someone. Public versus private, old versus new, town versus county, island versus island – some high school rivalries continue well into graduates’ old age.

The Images of Old Hawaii website periodically publishes articles about various high schools around the state. We will post links about these Hawaii high schools on their website.

The school’s property encompasses a little over 20-acres in upper Makiki, in Honolulu. From 1883-1927, the site had been the home of Lunalilo Home, an institution for the aged and infirm Hawaiian, whose creation was willed by the estate of Hawaii’s sixth king, William Charles Lunalilo.

Crowning a wide, grassy knoll is the Main, or administration, building of President Theodore Roosevelt High School, named in honor of the twenty-sixth US President.

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Hawaii National Guard graduates include: Gervin Miyamoto, Vern Nakasone, Stephen Lum, Regina Komine, David Howard, Robert Finley, James K. Kealoha Jr., Thomas Gill, Alexis T. Lum, Irwin K. Cockett Jr. – Can you name others?

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