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6 Fresh Horrors from the Equifax CEO’s Congressional Hearing

October 5, 2017

From the Wired Magazine website

Even if you checked to see if you are part of the Equifax data breach, you need to read this article.

The initial drama over Equifax’s September data breach has mostly subsided, but the actual damage will play out for years. And indeed, there turns out to be plenty of spectacle and public controversy left. It was all on display at a Tuesday Congressional hearing, in which lawmakers questioned Equifax’s former CEO Richard Smith in an attempt to make sense of how things went so wrong.

It’s hard to even hold all the failures and missteps in your mind at once, but each revelation makes the overall picture seem that much uglier.

Before delving into the hearing itself—which went poorly enough—it’s worth mentioning that it was bracketed by further unfortunate Equifax revelations. The company announced Monday that the total number of people impacted by its breach is not 143 million—the amount it first disclosed—but in fact 145.5 million. Its ability to casually misplace 2.5 million lives upended by the breach is alarming, as is Tuesday afternoon’s revelation that the IRS awarded Equifax a no-bid, multimillion-dollar fraud-prevention contract last week.

And there’s a lot more where that came from. Here are six important (and astonishing, disappointing, you name it) tidbits that came out of Tuesday’s hearing.

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