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Soldier for Life Program

October 15, 2017

The U.S. Army established Soldier For Life in July 2012 to maintain trust with our Army Family during and after service.  This initiative is designed to enable Soldiers, Retired Soldiers, Veterans and Families to leave military service “career ready”, and connect to an established network to find employment, education and health resources.

Veterans bring value to employers, schools, and communities and we strengthen the current Army and the Nation by encouraging positive transitions.  SFL is the US Army’s connection arm with the Army network, communities, VSO/MSOs, and industry.  It also focuses on the currently serving Soldier population to instill the Soldier for Life mindset of service.  SFL works to synchronize the efforts of the more than 46,000 organizations who seek to assist Service Members, Veterans, and Families.

The end state of the SFL campaign are Soldiers, Veterans, and Families leave military service “career ready” and find an established network of enablers connecting them with the employment, education, and health resources required to successfully reintegrate into civilian society.

Recently approved SFL Initiatives

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