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Off Track: Hawai‘i’s 9 Best Poke Spots

November 25, 2017

From the Eater website

Hawai‘i wants the rest of the world to know: You’re doing poke wrong. It’s all wrong, from the way it’s prepared (what’s up with all the extra toppings and the kale salad?) to how it’s spelled (poké, poki) to where it’s served (bougie, trendy spots). Poke-like dishes are spreading across the Mainland, but you need to go to Hawai‘i to experience the real thing.

And the best poke destinations in Hawai‘i are supermarkets, convenience stores and hole-in-the-wall spots. The more unassuming and out of the way, the better; then you know the establishment is spending its money on fish and not on high rent and useless décor. Because for the best poke, fresh fish is the star. ‘

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