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Check Six: June 2004 Promotions

December 18, 2017

In June 2004, the Hawaii Air National Guard promoted 15 airmen to higher ranks. Several members listed were promoted again in their careers before leaving the Air Guard or retiring. Unit designations are as they were in 2004.

How many of these airmen do you remember?

To Chief Master Sergeant (E-9):

154th Wing: Miles T. Kaneshiro

To Senior Master Sergeant (E-8):

154th Maintenance Squadron: Dominador O. Molina

To Master Sergeant (E-7):

297th Air Traffic Control Squadron: Clayton M.Kaneshiro

154th Communications Flight: Terry S. Yonamine

To Technical Sergeant (E-6):

154th Maintenance Squadron: Brendan Doloughty

154th Communications Flight: Jason A. Edwards

154th Aircraft Generation Squadron: Arnel F. Turla

To Staff Sergeant (E-5):

154th Air Control Squadron: Marie M. Dar

154th Maintenance Squadron: Darwin O.K. Kozai

154th Services Flight: Lori Jean A.H. Lopez

154th Services Flight: Jerry R. Madriaga

154th Maintenance Squadron: Matthew G. Moribe

154th Maintenance Squadron: Sean P. Pedro

154th Maintenance Squadron: Bobby J. Rogers

154th Maintenance Squadron: Paul V. Worl

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