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Check Six – 1968: USS Pueblo and Her Crew Captured

January 23, 2018

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America’s current confrontation with the North Koreans in another incident in a series since the Korean War era. The capture of the USS Pueblo 50 years ago was a major incident. The surviving crew suffered 335 days in North Korean prisoner of war camps. Read on.

The infamous “finger” photograph that was taken as North Korean propaganda. Courtesy USS Pueblo Veterans Association

Ralph McClintock wasn’t even supposed to be on the mission that changed his life.

Out of duty to both his country and sense of curiosity, the young U.S. Navy communications technician volunteered to fill a vacant spot on the USS Pueblo’s mission in the waters off North Korea in January of 1968.

“I took the job because I wanted know what the North Koreans did and I wanted to see the enemy up close,” McClintock told Fox News. “The mission was only supposed to last 22 days.”

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