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Off Track: What’s Inside: Sunscreen – The Same Stuff That’s in Silly Putty

February 24, 2018

Wired Magazine has a monthly feature called “What’s Inside” where the staff researches and shares the ingredients of some of your favorite products.

Summertime means emerging from your dimly lit cubicle to expose your pallid skin to some precious rays of sunshine. But that presents you with a sticky dilemma: Slather yourself in UV-fighting goop or increase your chance of skin cancer (just five sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma).

Fortunately for heliophiles, Neutrogena scientists developed this formula, which is based on something the company calls Micromesh technology. Instead of having that Tacky Glue–like consistency, this stuff is lightweight yet still shields your epidermis from harmful rays as you sweat through your beach volleyball game. It’s supposed to keep you cooler, too, but it’s not magic: You still have to reapply at least every two hours.

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