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Webmaster Comments: 18.04.01

April 1, 2018

Mahalo to everyone who supports the Retiree News website. Sometime earlier this week, the counter in the right column of the website moved pass 600,000 views. The number of readers who receive an email whenever we post passed 800. (But then again that number fluctuates as some “unfollow”) Thank you for your continuing support of Retiree News.

Photographs. We need to continue our appeal for photographs. If you have any old photographs of Guardmembers, could you scan them to JPEGs and email them to Retiree News  – Old photographs continue to generate a large number of views.

Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Update. We need to keep monitoring the ongoing debate about commissaries. Currently taxpayers pay more than a $1.4 billion a year to subsidize commissaries. Congress wants to make the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) self-supporting or have minimal Federal support.

The DeCA has already introduced store brands that reduce costs. Quoting their February 22, 2018 press release, “Commissary store brands are becoming a larger portion of the store inventory with the latest addition of private label products.” Read the press release for more information about store brands.

There will be more commissary / exchange joint sales events. DeCA’s March 8, 2018 press release had more detailed information. There has been unofficial talk about merging the commissary and exchanges systems. Imagine more locations like the Fort Shafter exchange with an expanded food availability.

A Public Radio International (PRI) article mentioned two other options. One is to privatize the commissary system. The other is to close commissaries and give beneficiaries a monetary payment.

We continue to monitor this on-going dialogue about commissaries.

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