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Recruiting to Focus on All Army Components

October 12, 2016

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The Army will begin recruiting for all components, trying to find the best fit for a new soldier in the active component, the Reserve or the Army National Guard, the commander of Army Recruiting Command says. Maj. Gen. Jeffrey J. Snow told Federal News Radio that the service will allow all Army recruiters to find soldiers for all three components.

“It’s still very much in the planning stages, but what it would do is allow us to link our efforts with the National Guard,” Snow said. “In some cases, I’ll have National Guard working for me. In some cases, I’ll have recruiters working for the [adjutants general]. We’ve identified about 18 centers across the United States where we’re going to look at this pilot and see if there are things we can learn from one another.”

Currently, states are responsible for their own recruiting in the Army Guard. The Army Recruiting Command has recruited only for the active-component and the Army Reserve.

The idea of consolidating recruiting efforts was first discussed in the report this year from the National Commission on the Future of the Army, which said the current process encourages competition among the components. That, the panel said, could lead to tension. It said Congress should allow Army recruiters to work across all components.

Snow said the service will not wait for legislation and hopes to begin the experiment next spring or summer.

“In the case of the National Guard, some states do exceptionally well, some do not,” he told Federal News Radio. “And in some cases, it’s actually more advantageous for a young man or woman to go into the National Guard than the regular Army or Reserve because some states add things like educational benefits on top of the federal benefits.”

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